European Chamber of Sustainable Development
The Chamber

The European Chamber for Sustainable Development (ECSD) is a non-profit organisation.

The European Chamber for Sustainable Development undertakes actions related to the promotion of the development of economic, social and cultural activities governed by the principles of Sustainable Development. These objectives are achieved through innovative activities carried out by scientists who have undertaken to carry out research, local and national development projects and programmes, education provided with the support of public authorities and Institutes. Furthermore, the Chamber is active in the field of publishing by publishing magazines, newspapers and books of all kinds in order to enhance public awareness of quality, safety and Good Practices. In this context, the Chamber publishes the journal “Sustainable Development”.

In its current form it came after the renaming of A CERT European Chamber for Sustainable Development (Chamber A CERT) with simultaneous modification of its corporate structure and the activation of its committees and working groups.

International Presence

The Chamber maintains offices and representations in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Skopje, Serbia, Kosovo, Germany, Spain, Montenegro, Bosnia, Romania, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq and India.


To produce and channel knowledge in every direction in an independent and reliable way contributing to the implementation of the principles of Sustainable Development.


To promote any activity that contributes to the development of economic, social and ecological activities based on Sustainable Development.

The above purpose is achieved through a series of innovative actions and activities carried out by a multitude of scientists, including education, research, networking, publishing, prototyping and raising public awareness of the necessity of Sustainable Development.

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